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Isabey Paris


The boutique was located at 20 rue de la Paix, Paris. Other sources report that Isabey was originally from Spain. Also, it is interesting to note that some of the perfumes launch dates are earlier than the 1924 Parisian establishment date, which may support the earlier establishment in Spain. The company was named after early 19th century painter Louis Gabriel Eugene Isabey.

The history of Les Parfums d’Isabey began on 1 February 1924 in Paris at the "Société Parisienne d'Essences rares et de parfum" which translates as the: Parisian Society of rare essences and perfumes, which was founded by Maurice Loewe. A few months later, in May, 1924, he opened his first shop at house number 20 in the prestigious Rue de la Paix Paris under the name Isabey as an homage to the romantic painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey.

The house, which from then on was known exclusively by the name Isabey, enjoyed great success in the 20s and its creations were must-haves of the era. A highlight in the company's history was the gold medal for Isabey’s bestseller Gardénia, on the occasion of the "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes", the Art Deco hotbed par excellence. Not only the fragrance caused a stir back then but also the presentation of the product in an elaborate flacon created by the flacon designer god of the time, Julien Viard. The special flacon made of mouth-blown glass together with an iridescent coating had the appearance of a pearl.

In 1941 the Second World War brought an end to the perfume house for the time being. In 2006, however, the Panouge Company revived the house of Isabey and accordingly its two fragrances Gardénia and the later created Bleu de Chine, which is now available under the name Fleur Nocturne. It can be said without exaggeration that a piece of cultural history believed lost, was snatched from oblivion and thus these classic fragrances are experiencing a renaissance and have not lost any of their appeal.


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