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OUD’ISH Eau de Parfum 100 ml
OUD’ISH Eau de Parfum 100 ml

OUD’ISH by Zarkoperfume is a Woody fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features agarwood (oud), green tea, ambergris and white musk.

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Zarkoperfume - OUD’ISH

Charisma. Character. Charm.
Oud is as precious as liquid gold. In its pure form it is sweet, woody, with the aroma of raisins unknown to most of us. With OUD’ISH, Zarko presents us with a unique, Danish olfactory experience: the fragrance of thick woodlands on the coast with a fresh breeze
from the sea.
A profound, clear moment.
A fascinating scent that presents itself in two parallel phases. A revolutionary approach – complex, with reduced Nordic elegance.

Oud is one of the world‘s most expensive raw materials used for perfume. It has a very special fragrance of sweet woods and woodlands soils. The extraction of oud is extremely difficult, and is considered as precious as liquid gold. There is af big demand on oud, causing prices to be 1.5 times higher than gold. The composition of the fragrance has been made with all the finest materials available on the market, offering you the luxuries of oud, indian green tea, ambergris and white musk. The scent created allows the fragrance to be sued as an unisex perfume.
For many years I had a dream of developing a unique fragrance for the Nordic men and women, created for the Scandinavian climate and spirit.
Six years ago I then started studying the science and the art of perfume making.
While creating and developing a scent is a life-long endevaour, today I am likely the only perfumer in Denmark - and I now understand why.
The past six years has been a process of hard work and intense learning.
My great passion was always the fusion of molecules with the classic french perfumes, but with one clear ideal: To develop a perfume for the Nordic men and women, our weather, and tempers.
I like to compare the creation of a perfume to painting on canvas or the composition of music. To me perfume, in all humility, is a work of art.
To all of you interested in my little works of art, my deepest and most sincerest Thank You. ZARKO AHLMANN PAVLOV
Charisma. Karakter. Charme.
Oud is even kostbaar als vloeibaar goud. In pure vorm is het zoet en bosachtig, met de aroma van rozijnen. Met OUD’ISH presenteert Zarko een unieke, Deense olfactorische ervaring: de geur van dikke bosgronden aan de kust, gemengd met een frisse bries van de zee.
Een diep, helder moment.
Een fascinerende geur die zichzelf presenteert in twee parallelle fases. Een revolutionaire benadering – gecompliceerd, met terughoudende Noorse elegantie.

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