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MOLéCULE No.8 Wooden Chips Eau de Parfum 100 ml
MOLéCULE No.8 Wooden Chips Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Molecules from Agarwood (Oud), Turkish Rose

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Zarkoperfume - MOLéCULE No.8
"Molecule No. 8" from Zarkoperfume describes the polar night which lasts for several months in the high northern climes. The scent is both dark and bright. "Molecule No. 8" exudes a sense of strength and hope.
Perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov created this feeling by using an old, forgotten technique from the early 20th century, where perfume matured at an early stage in wooden vessels. Zarko added wooden chips from agarwood to the raw materials and then removed them again at a set specific time. Subsequently water and various molecules were added, so that the scent literally “caramelized” on the skin to leave an unforgettable experience.
The moment a long polar night ends. The first rays of sunlight that hit the still frozen ground on this beach in the far North.
The overwhelming feeling of hope and strength - MOLéCULE No8
Zarko creates this sensation by means of an obsolete early 20th century technique in which perfume blends were aged in wooden casks for a certain period of time. In combination with his molecule technique, Zarko unleashes forces that are equally gentle and powerful.
Agarwood (Oud), Turkish Rose
The Story
For many years I had a dream of developing a unique fragrance for the Nordic men and women, created for the Scandinavian climate and spirit. 5 years ago I then started studying the science and art of perfume making. The process has been one of hard work and intense learning.
My great passion has been the fusion of molecules with the classic french perfumes, with one clear ideal: To develop a perfume for the Nordic men and women, our weather, and tempers.
Today I am most likely the only perfumer in Denmark, and I now understand why. Creating and developing a scent is a life-long learning process. I like to compare the creation of a perfume to painting on canvas or the composition of music. To me, perfume is a work of art. To all of you interested in my little works of art, my deepest and sincerest thanks.
Het moment waarop een poolnacht eindigt. De eerste zonnestralen die de nog bevroren grond raken op het strand in het verre Noorden.
Het overweldigende gevoel van hoop en kracht - MOLéCULE No.8.
De inspiratie voor MOLéCULE No.8 is de poolnacht in het Hoge Noorden. Kenmerkend voor de poolnacht is de stille schoonheid van duisternis en het waar te nemen poollicht. MOLéCULE No.8 beschrijft de relatie tussen licht en donker en heeft een kalmerend effect op de aura van de drager.
Zarko creëert deze sensatie met behulp van een techniek uit de vroege 20e eeuw, waarin parfum voor een bepaalde periode werd gerijpt in houten vaten. In combinatie met zijn moleculaire techniek, ontketent Zarko krachten die even zachtaardig als krachtig zijn. 

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