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XERJOFF is a Turin based Perfume House fully dedicated to luxury fragrance. Xerjoff is an olfactory exploration of the art of perfumery. A fusion of mans ability to create and natures ability to provide. Only few creations have ever been able to successfully merge the two together, one of which is Xerjoff perfumes. Through years of development, XERJOFF has gained strong alliances with many renowned Italian artists who collaborate closely to create the rare and precious art pieces. International and Italian noses, painters and sculptors, jewellery designers and glassblowers, diamond cutters and wood engravers work in harmony to create the precious scents.


The Xerjoff collection of perfumes is the result of a unique synthesis of the ancient rites of nature and the very latest technological research. An exquisite blend of handpicked essences combined with an equally innovative extraction process, produces a union of exceptional quality. This meticulous attention to detail extends right through to the presentation. Each individual scent is offered in a sequentially numbered, limited edition, hand-crafted, sculptural bottle, carved and moulded from precious materials including quartz stones, bronze and gold, Murano and fine Tuscan glass productions.


Born 47 years ago in Turin Italy, Sergio Momo travelled the world at a young age, following his father to all his international work locations. After completing the art & design school in Turin , Sergio moved to the UK to collaborate with prestigious London design agencies in various forms of media and advertising. Soon, the love of his homeland Italy lured him back to pursue one of his greatest passions, the world of luxury perfumes. Following a natural attraction to beauty and encouraged by an interest in the world of luxury, Sergio founded the perfume house of XERJOFF in 2004 together with Dominique Salvo, Xerjoff’s research and development director. Understanding that the best way to a perfume lover’s heart is to fulfil the promise of beauty from the beginning to the end of the scented story. Never settling to create “just fragrances”, Sergio set out to create intense emotions developed around multi-sensorial aspects: the story, the look, the touch, the smell, the memories.

Continuous research, both in olfactory and design directions, are the true DNA of Sergio’s creations. With the help of a tireless team of 25 professionals, XERJOFF’s creations are appreciated and collected by perfume lovers from all around the world.

“Fine fragrance is never just about the smell. Done well, it is a marriage of substance and the sublime, perfectly executed by fragrance house Xerjoff with their philosophy that you cannot separate perfume from art.”

Sergio Momo



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Al-Khatt Parfum 50 ml
Oriental Floral
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The Netherlands
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