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The White Collection - CRÉPUSCULE DES ÂMES Eau de Parfum 100 ml
The White Collection - CRÉPUSCULE DES ÂMES Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Leathery Top: Juniper berries, Cardamon, Cypress Heart: Incense, Saffron, Cedarwood&nbs

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Atelier des Ors - The White Collection - CRÉPUSCULE DES ÂMES Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Twilight of the souls Part 2 - The Beethoven Triptyc
The complex forces of darkness and temptation are omnipresent. The knight must resist and vanquish his opponents to move humanity forward to the light in the Search for happiness

Crepuscule refers to the moments of transition from light to darkness, and from dark to light. The sleepy, dusky hours and the brilliance of dawn and new beginnings.
Crépuscule des Ames is the Twilight of the souls and a perfume to enslave the senses with fine spices and a warm golden glow. A second skin to wear in the dusky hours while the souls are at play, when we feel deep desires and the duality inherent in our consciousness.
A radiating warmth that speaks to carnal pleasure and desire imbued with the furry warmth of Typhoeus. Incense, patchouli and hyraceum heat the primitive, animalic aura.
For moments when we seek the truth, to find a way through temptation.
An addictive, empowering fragrance with an element of intrigue…

Woody Aromatic
Mandarin, Cardamom, Clary Sage
Hysope, Incense, Pimento berries
Hyraceum infusion, Patchouli

A journey through the dark hostile forces. The giant Typhoeus (the monster) and his daughters, the three gorgons along with Sickness, Madness and Death. Lavisciousness, wantonness, intemperance to the right of Typhoeus. Gnawing grief. The yearnings and desires of humankind fly past.

We are pleased to introduce The WHITE COLLECTION, a new range launching with three perfumes.
Each perfume irresistibly combines beauty and sensuality, with distinctive luminous and addictive accords. The inspiration behind the WHITE COLLECTION shifts to a European influence with the exploration of myths / symbols / art.
The GOLD element is always present and drives our inspiration.
The use of LIGHT and radiance is key within an artistic context.

Why White ?
White signifies
- Purity
- Light and radiance
- Possibilities and new beginnings
Artists begin with the white space to record their creativity
▪ Painters on the blank canvas
▪ Writers and composers on the white page or screen
▪ Perfumers place the record of their formulas on the white page

The inspiration for the White Collection The Search For Happiness
The theme of The Beethoven Frieze is the Search For Happiness, an eternal and ever present yearning for humanity to move beyond the dark times, war and oppression towards a civilisation where happiness and joy are omnipresent. A movement towards improvement, growth, invention and progress to take humankind forward.
This universal and timeless theme also refers to the individual search for happiness and joy in one’s lifetime, to find peace and contentment within. To acknowledge the light and dark elements in our lives and to seek resolution.
We take inspiration from this work and the symbols contained within to create the first perfumes in the White Collection.
The three perfumes each represent themes on the journey for the Search For Happiness
Individually they tell a story but viewed as a collection they make a powerful statement.

The Brand
Six perfumes created by Atelier Des Ors and Marie Salamagne
Atelier Des Ors reinterprets the heritage of French Haute Parfumerie with a modern new line of five alluring and sophisticated fragrances.

Atelier Des Ors finds its roots in craftsmanship and the arts of perfumery and gold gilding.
Perfume and gold have long fascinated ancient dynasties and contributed to their wealth and power.

Just like gold, perfume (per fumum) was first associated with divinity. By extension it symbolises the pursuit of perfection and a quest for the absolute. These are values we aspire to and bring together in our fragrances.

Atelier Des Ors poetically magnifies each of its creations in a glittering ballet of stardust.

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