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Project Renegades

Project Renegades is the brainchild of three classically-trained perfumers who broke free of the corporate world. They wanted to do something crazy together. Something really crazy. So they dreamt up three avatars, wild-eyed mixologist-cowboys, and let them run free in a fantasy Wild West of limitless creativity and maxxed-out sensory overload... Or to put it another way, these guys just wanna have fun.

What’s different about Project Renegades, first, is that it is created by perfumers. When the artists take over the laboratory it means they can make the things they want to make with no focus groups to keep things boring.

They can get on with mixing up challenging, beautiful works of their olfactory imaginations. They can use a high proportion of the natural materials that are priced out of most commercial scents nowadays.

They can get totally out of control with the design of the bottles. A fridge magnet mascot of each renegade’s avatar appears on the fragrance he made. Whether he has Colt pistols for ears or is pictured with a Stetson mutating into a peyote cactus – these gunslingers are a long way from your average bottle design. And they can make up the things they want to make up, in this case a mind-expanding fictional world for their avatars to run amok in.

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