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Philly & Phill

Meet the seduction …

… a present-day fairy tale in which two worlds collide: the worlds of Philly and Phill. In the pop & punk of the '80s they meet for the first time, then lose sight of each other, meet back in the glam & grunge of the 90's - now ready to give their attraction to each other unbroken space.

Philly, descendant from a 19th century royal perfumer dynasty in Munich, exerts an irresistible attraction on Phill with her sophisticated and sensual elegance. Phill, rooted in the pulsating fashion and lifestyle scene, makes an impression on her with his bohemian and adventurous look on life. From then on, everything seems directed by a destiny of infinite passion, knowing that not rest and complacence, but friction and true encounter with the other side are the insatiable desire of mankind.

Since then, they revolve around each other - like a planet circling the sun in ellipses, not knowing who is star and who is satellite, constantly attracted to each other and repelled again. In this energetic field it does not come as a surprise that creative ideas bubble and now find expression in their first brilliantly crafted, spectacular scents.

Their conceptions, perfected by highly esteemed perfume artisans in the theater of olfactory dreams in Grasse, Southern France, impress with their truly distinctive compositions - enriched with accords of urban presence and touching emotionality.

Their creations are the result of constant inspiration:

She seduces with a glamourous, dramatically feminine, yet urban and self-conscious work of art;
his statement comes over fresh and confident, with a cosmopolitan touch that skillfully masters the balance for a perfect unisex fragrance.

The magic of the encounter of these two personalities, a swirl of love, passion and pure joy of life, is at the heart of these uncomparably alluring perfumes - an aromatic supernova in the land of seduction.


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