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Can a scent be spontaneous, non-conformist and bursting with zest for life? Yes! Young Hamburg-based label Nasengold demonstrates this with the launch of its first fragrance #S. 

Nasengold began life as an idea which was taken up on an impulse and developed creatively until it grew to have its own identity. Nasengold is different and wants to stand out from the crowd, to be individual, direct and unmistakable. 

Behind Nasengold is fragrance designer Christian Plesch, who discovered his love of perfumery at the end of the nineties after a small detour into the world of painting. Like many other prominent German perfumers before him, Plesch began his training at the renowned Weserbergland perfumery school belonging to a well-known German perfume house. As a junior perfumer he moved to Paris, where he developed his first major commisioned scents. Today Christian Plesch works as succesful lifestyle perfumer for a fragrance house in Hamburg. For Nasengold. Christian Plesch combines ubiquitous aroma impresssions with high quality natural products, with his fragrances he leaves the commercial world of fragrances behind and deliberately relies only on his own nose. His creations are characterized by an immediate clarity, with witty and playful notes that make them unmistakeable. In developing his fragrance ideas he is especially insired by punk rock, caffeine, curves, impulsivity and painting.


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Tinbergenlaan 5
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The Netherlands
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