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Maison Incens scents are NICHE . That, for me, is authenticity, creativity, showing craft, doing something unique and breaking away from trends. Niche should be about being different, about standing out from the crowd – and that is what we try to propose.

I like this sentence from Serge Lutens when he speaks about l’incendiaire « The fire is not within the perfume but within me. I want to ignite the smouldering embers of the perfume world, to put the fire” back in perfume!

« Perfume time ! » None of us ever replied- There was only movement, a global domino effect. From a classroom of students, to the perfume critic to the master perfumer to the centifolia rose farmer, the perfume top maker, the designer, the queen of flowers. Because in all their static splendor, my perfumes, are movable feasts, invisible waves of smells and flavors that hits the eyes, nose and palate, the stomach and the mind. And the spot.

I wanted to create unsmelled and unconventional fragrances, because i think that we can compare the perfumes to a painting it has a sens if it is different and personal.
So i bielieve that my father would be proud of me.

MAISON INCENS is a french based fragrance house founded in 2013 by Philippe Constantin. Products currently include perfume. All products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality.


Tinbergenlaan 5
3401 MT IJsselstein
The Netherlands
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Name: Parfumaria
IBAN: NL90 INGB 0006 2723 60