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Jacques Zolty always wished for a perfume which evoked nature and a subtle personality; a sensible and dreamy scent for the kind of man who travels to remote, far-off destinations, those which are enhanced even more so by imagination and simple luxuries.

An aromatic chypre fragrance that draws its strength from its patchouli-oakmoss chord and thus offers a drydown, which in turn counters the accompanying lavender and green notes - the evocation of lush tropical nature. The heart of the fragrance has been furnished with the gentle touch of a rose, which eventually fades to an ambery base. Finely balanced notes of frankincense, ambergris and sandalwood also lend an elegant sensuality to the composition.

Jacques Zolty
Jacques Zolty, photographer, famous model of the years '70, has spent his life exploring heavens of the whole world. From the frantic energy of the Côte d’Azur to the contemplative calm of Thailand. After years of trips, a place has stolen his heart; a small island of the far French Antilles, Saint Barthélemy.

"I have found the island of my life" Jacques Zolty explains. "St. Barth is as a fortress in which I can shelter me when the world becomes too savage and where I can always find what I need and elements able to catch me."

After 25 years under the spell of St. Barth, Jacques Zolty has done of this heaven his house. He is a true inhabitant of the island; you can meet him anywhere and he is known from everybody. In suit of white flax and with his Panama in head, it perfectly communicates the calm and the well-known elegance of Western Indies.

The years spent in this heaven have inspired Jacques Zolty to create a line of fragrances able to represent the nature of Saint Barthélemy and the lifestyle that animates the island night and day.

As every visitor of the island knows, the heaven also stays with him after his departure.

The preferred beaches reappear in the dreams. The murmur of the sea breeze returns to the mind…. and nothing that we can remember enchants us as the thin power of each breath that we take.

The perfumes of the island live in our memoirs from the first breath of the heat of midday, to when we seat on the sidewalk of the road and we feel the odor of the asphalt heated by the sun, until to the fresh evening calm that opens the petals of the nighttime flowers.


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