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Ineke Rühland is a professional nose creating original fragrances in her independent studio in San Francisco. Born and educated in Canada, she moved to Europe in 1988 to embark on a career in the fragrance industry. After working in the Netherlands, England and France, she
became fluent in three languages (English, French and Dutch) and cultivated a love for creating complex and original scents along the way.

While living in France, Ineke completed her formal perfumery studies at ISIPCA, the only university-level perfumery school in the world. She honed her traditional perfumery techniques with sojourns to Grasse, the city that spawned perfumery in France. Culminating her studies in Paris, Ineke apprenticed at an esteemed fragrance house for three years before moving to San Francisco and eventually launching her alphabetical line in the summer of 2006. In 2011, Ineke launched the Limited Edition Floral Curiosities collection that is exclusive to Anthropologie.

As one of a small number of classically-trained perfumers in the world, Ineke uses a time-honored approach to developing new scents. In her perfumery studio, she uses notes such as lilac, tobacco flower and gardenia for her eaux de parfums. An enthusiastic gardener, she also derives inspiration from her collection of rare scented botanicals. Her passion for literature, design and the arts are reflected in every bottle. Through original photos, artwork and snippets of verse, Ineke crafts an intimate backstory for each scent. The Ineke line caters to those with a sophisticated appreciation for unique fragrance.


Angel's Trumpet Eau de Parfum tester with 10 ml left
Floral Fruity Top Note: Honeydew Melon, Orange, Green Notes Heart Note: Angel’s Trumpet, Cinnamon, Pimento Base Note: Virginia Cedarwood, White...
25,00 35,00 incl. VAT
Discoveryset Scent Library 5x2.5 ml
Ineke's new Scent Library, Discover five beautiful flowers with distinct personalities in this pleasant little volume. Each flower’s unique character is...
14,50 29,00 incl. VAT
Evening Edged In Gold tester with70 ml left
Oriental Floral Top Note: Osmanthus, Plum Heart Note: Angel's Trumpet, Saffron, Cinnamon Bark Base Note: Midnight Candy (Zaluzianskya capensis), Leather,...
64,00 105,00 incl. VAT
Field Notes from Paris tester with 70 ml left
Oriental Fougere Top Note: Bergamot, Lemongrass, Coriander Heart Note: Tobacco Leaves, Black Pepper, Cedarwood, PatchoulyBase Note: Ambergris, Tonka Bean,...
64,00 105,00 incl. VAT
Gilded Lily tester 60 ml left
Chypre Fruity Top Note: Pineapple, Rhubarb, Pomelo, Bergamot, Apple, Peach Heart Note: Lily Base Note: Patchouly, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla
39,00 105,00 incl. VAT
Gilded Lily
Chypre Fruity Top Note: Pineapple, Rhubarb, Pomelo, Bergamot, Apple, Peach Heart Note: Lily Base Note: Patchouly, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla
64,00 105,00 incl. VAT
Hothouse Flower tester with 65 ml left
Floral Top Note: Earl Grey Tea, Green of Leaves, Cypress, Absinthe Heart Note: Gardenia, Galbanum, Fig, Frankincense Base Note: Lignum Vitae, Musk,...
44,00 105,00 incl. VAT
Poet's Jasmine
Floral Fruity Top Note: Citric Notes, Rosemary, Absinthe, Star Anise Heart Note: Jasmine, Frankincense, Cardamom Base Note: Hinoki Cypress, Lignum Vitae
25,00 35,00 incl. VAT
Scarlet Larkspur
Floral Fruity Gourmand Top Note: Wine, Red Currant, Cherry Heart Note: Floral Notes, Saffron, Amyris Base Note: Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla
35,00 incl. VAT
INeKE - Botanist's Travel Sprays - Sweet William Eau de Parfum 15 ml
Floral Woody Musk Top Note: Peach, Cinnamon, Clove Heart Note: Carnation, Sandalwood, Cedarwood Base Note: Patchouly, Bourbon Vanilla
35,00 incl. VAT

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