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Coquillete Paris is a story of passion and research. This is the story of two young women, an Art Director and a Creative, linked by an intense love for perfume. It’s a mix of Music and Poetry, like a travel diary and a constant research, which combines the best contents. This is a collection of six traditional perfumes which will be presented in the next three years. Experiences, memories, emotions and dreams are the main sources of inspiration of these fragrances.

“A perfume is a composition of olfactory notes and emotions. If you think of it just as a simple mixture of alcohol and essential oils, you cannot understand the secret spirit hidden in its essence, the passion of those who created it. When you smell a perfume composition, while closing your eyes, you’ll be lead in a silent atmosphere… The memories, the emotions that you feel will drive you in its fascinating story. If it’s a creation made with care, the story will be exciting, the generated feelings will be exciting, and you could feel the emotion and poetry and madness.


135,00 incl. VAT
135,00 incl. VAT
135,00 incl. VAT
70,00 incl. VAT
Herat Pure Parfum 100 ML
Oriental Floral
135,00 incl. VAT
Mini Collection 5 from 5 ml each
Coquillete Paris Mini Collection The best way to dicover these amazing perfumes! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
35,00 50,00 incl. VAT
135,00 incl. VAT
135,00 incl. VAT
135,00 incl. VAT
150,00 incl. VAT
Sulmona Pure Parfum 100 ML
Oriental Vanilla
135,00 incl. VAT

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