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Cloud Collection Eau de Parfum 100 ml

PINK MOLéCULE 090.09 by Zarkoperfume is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance. The notes are black elder, apricot, black orchid and champagne, mahogany, whipped cream and blackwood.

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Zarkoperfume - Cloud Collection

Cloud Collection is the worlds first perfume that reacts to its environment, the weather and the personal aura of its wearer. It seems to be alive and reminds us to enjoy every single moment of our lives to the fullest.

Shake the fragrance briefly before spraying, so that the colored oil molecules can be combined with the carrier substance and sprayed on.

This fragrance is not like any other. The perfume oil lays underneath the water instead of swimming on its surface. There are molecules in the water that will only develop an individual fine fragrance once it gets in touch with human skin and it will enhance the wearers personality.

Moreover Cloud Collection includes some of the finest perfume oils: Sea buckthorne berries, jasmin and dark woods.

To activate the fragrance you have to shake the bottle for four seconds until the liquid turns cloudy and non-transparent. As soon as the two liquids seperate from each other you will be able to observe a fascinating effect. The molecules on the ground of the bottle start to sparkle. You can intensify the effect by holding the bottle against a source of light.

For many years I had a dream of developing a unique fragrance for the Nordic men and women, created for the Scandinavian climate and spirit.
Six years ago I then started studying the science and the art of perfume making.
While creating and developing a scent is a life-long endevaour, today I am likely the only perfumer in Denmark - and I now understand why.
The past six years has been a process of hard work and intense learning.
My great passion was always the fusion of molecules with the classic french perfumes, but with one clear ideal: To develop a perfume for the Nordic men and women, our weather, and tempers.
I like to compare the creation of a perfume to painting on canvas or the composition of music. To me perfume, in all humility, is a work of art.
To all of you interested in my little works of art, my deepest and most sincerest Thank You. ZARKO AHLMANN PAVLOV

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