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Bois 1920 is a brand that expresses the Galardi family's passion for the art of perfume-making. It all began in 1920 when Guido, the founder began testing his first formulas, by collecting the Spigo (Tuscany Lavender) that ripens in the fields on the hills around Florence

His research took on different expressive harmonies: essential oils, fragrant solutions and perfumed sachets. Guido dreamt of a shop in Florence where he could create unique fragrances: History returns. Guido's sensitivity and art were handed down to Enzo, his grandsonwho, at the age of thirteen began frequenting Piero, a great expert on essences. In 1985 he entered the world of fragrance and turned his passion into a profession.

The year is 2005. Enzo, reinterpreting the original formulas discovers “perfume” in the sense of artistic expression, his dream becomes reality, Guido's emotions and soul materialize into Bois 1920.(Italian workshop of Lavender)



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