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Anima Mundi

Creativity of Emilia Armida Chinigò and the entrepreneurial spirit of Giorgio Biella. This exclusive collection comes from historical research and Emilia's passion for ancient civilisations, which she has always considered "the precious keys for opening the doors of the future".
The brilliant fragrance designer has gambled on components of the highest quality and their interaction in sought-after blends. A choice that Niche and Co. had already pursued with Onyrico, its first line of signature perfumes.

The five vivid bottles of Anima Mundi enclose the naturalness of their components and collaborations with the most established noses of Italian perfumery; a path carried out in stages that tells the story of perfume in its most ancient variations. A project which is particularly dear to Emilia and Giorgio. Because perfume has always been synonymous with cultural research, inner harmony and mystical tension. And being able to transmit these values to the future is a task and a privilege for them.


140,00 incl. VAT
140,00 incl. VAT
ISVARA 75 ml Parfum
Oriental Woody
140,00 incl. VAT
POMPEII 75 ml Parfum
Oriental Spicy
140,00 incl. VAT
TIKAL 75 ml Parfum
Woody Spicy
140,00 incl. VAT
TRISKELL 75 ml Parfum
Oriental Woody
140,00 incl. VAT

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