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Al Haramain was established in the Holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia and catering to the perfumery needs of the people all around the globe since 1970. Al Haramain has become one of the market leaders in the perfume industry in the GCC countries and its current head office is located in Dubai. Its creations after creations have been adoring the exotic, the romantic, the introvert & the contemporary in many ways than one. Naturally, from a perfumery that indulges in phycology, the world can look forward to perfumes with distinctive personality.
• 65 Showrooms around the world
• One of the leading Oudh producers in the world
• Family business since establishment

Al-Haramain is the collective Arabic term that means "The Two Holy Lands" which refers to Mecca and Medina(Saudi Arabia).
Prestige Line (sprays):
Al Haramain Prestige is an exceptional assortment of fragrances designed to suit your every mood. The bottles, caps, and boxes have all been carefully handmade. The bottles are made out of crystal and each and every piece is carefully and intricately designed by hand. Due to the requirement of delicate handling, certain variances may be seen among the products. There might be slight differences between the stated capacity and the actual capacity. However, it is Al Haramain´s guarantee that the fragrance in each and every product might be more than the stated capacity but never less. The assortment consists of an diversified set of fragrances that each have unique and authentic ingredients.
 Premium Line(concentrated perfume oils):
Al Haramain’s premium oils are known for their natural and rich scents. The non-alcoholic oils have the strength to last all day long. Instead of spraying the perfumes, the oils will be applied directly to skin. The oils are delivered in eye-catching bottles and packaging. The fragrances have unique characteristics and the neces
sary strengths to distinguish themselves from the current offer of perfumes. Ultimately, these fragrances have the power to give the customers the imagination and experience of an Arabic One thousand and One Nights fairy tale.


Junoon Eau de Parfum 75 ml
Fragrance Notes:
85,00 incl. VAT
Ode of Oudh Eau de Parfum 70 ml
Top note: Basil, Anethol, Artemisia, Clove Middle note: Cedar wood, Freesia Base note: Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Oudh CLICK HER
115,00 195,00 incl. VAT

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