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Wild Carrot Iris Eau de Toilette 50 ml
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1000 Flowers - Wild Carrot Iris Eau de Toilette Wild Carrot Iris: A soft, powdery, and earthy fragrance, built around the roots of the Iris pallida. The precious iris butter we have chosen is grown...

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1000 Flowers - Wild Carrot Iris Eau de Toilette 

Wild Carrot Iris
: A soft, powdery, and earthy fragrance, built around the roots of the Iris pallida. The precious iris butter we have chosen is grown and extracted in France, and uses a special method of oxidation to cure the rhizomes and create the precious irone
molecules prior to extraction by distillation. To explore this theme of fragrant roots, we chose fresh ginger root oil from Madagascar for the top notes, and Haitian vetiver roots to hold the base. Supporting the Iris, is an accord with 2 types of carrot seed oil- one cultivated, and the other, a wild carrot seed, sourced from a small distiller near Grasse. In the floral heart, the iris is married with French mimosa flower absolute, and ylang ylang from Comores. A touch of tonka bean and vanilla support the base of vetiver and ambrettolide musk.

These are the words from Jessica about this amazing fragrance:
"This fragrance has taken almost a year to create, with many many trials to arrive at the finished fragrance.  Iris is not the easiest note to work with.  I really wanted a scent that was modern, but gentle, easy to wear, and elegant without being too old fashioned or cold, as iris/orris fragrances can be.  Also, the fragrance is freshly made, so it will become richer and fuller in a few weeks once it has aged a bit more." 

Powdery and earthy
Fresh Madagascar ginger root, bitter orange zest, French Iris pallida, French mimosa flowers, French wild carrot seed, heliotrope, vanilla, ambrettolide, Haiti vetiver roots, vanilla, tonka bean.

About the Blue Collection
Most recently, in October 2016, the Blue Collection has been released. This collection is inspired by the blues of the sea and sky in the Mediterranean region, (hence the blue glasbottles), and the fragrances feature high doses of natural and rare raw materials, sourced directly from some of the most esteemed producers in France. The fragrances contain 6% organic Rose damascena hydrosol from a small producer in Grasse.

About the boxes
The artwork on the labels and boxes is directly inspired by hand painted Mediterranean tiles from 14th century Iznik works. 1000 Flowers fragrances contain no polycyclic musks, such as Galaxolide (which are not biodegradable), and the fragrances are made with 100% certified organic French grain alcohol. It has always been an in-house policy to avoid the use of crimp-on pumps, choosing instead sprays that can be removed by hand, thus allowing the bottles to be refilled, or recycled

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