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VenDetTa - VEN Eau de Parfum 50 ml
VenDetTa - VEN Eau de Parfum 50 ml

 O'driu VEN Eau de Parfum 50 ml from the Ven_Det_Ta collection VenDetTaThe new creation of Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O’DRIÙA single powerful feeling became three beautiful fragrances, passing throu...

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 O'driu VEN Eau de Parfum 50 ml from the Ven_Det_Ta collection


The new creation of Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O’DRIÙ

A single powerful feeling became three beautiful fragrances, passing through the centuries from the Classical Antiquity to our postmodern, dark Age.

Angelo Orazio Pregoni, brilliant Nose and artist, once again subverted the perfumery rules by his new creation for O’DRIÙ: “VenDetTa”. VenDetTa is a unique concept totally: the first perfume in three parts, three different fragrances but each one complete and independent from the others, three fragments of a single emotion that breaks itself to be known and felt better.

Thanks to Ven, Det and Ta, one of the most human feeling – the vengefulness – becomes an olfactory perception that follows a three acts development: from the pain that someone caused to us, to the grudge for him and to the emotional freedom after the vengeance. The number three is a powerful mystical and religious symbol not casually, and it is also very important for Tragedy, the art that described the vengeance more and better than others. Three were the Tragedy’s fathers: Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, that conceived their artworks as parts of trilogies. The Aristotelian Unities also are three and Aristotle himself affirmed that the Tragedy “imitates” (the mimesis) the Vengeance and sublimates the passions to create the final catharsis. So three are the VenDetTa’s fragrances.

The packaging of VenDetTa is an artwork by Marco Ventura, an Italian designer and sculptor based in Milan, who gave a different purpose – and a shape, a soul and a meaning, too – to iron pieces, objects, materials used in industry and crafts commonly. Each pack of VenDetTa is handmade individually and, in course of realization, it takes unique details, becoming a once-off work, although in many pieces.

With this packaging, Pregoni and Ventura would to communicate the complex, controversial, individual nature of the emotion that the perfumes are inspired to. The label is creased violently and the colours are restless, with hard degrees. Two long metal sticks places themselves obliquely shaping a “V” and showing their sharp-pointed ends darkly. Are they the horns of a devil who tempts us to execute a vengeance? Is it a grimace for the “Trinity” notion with its holiness? The flying cape that wraps and hides the bottle could confirm that idea, giving to it more mystery and ambiguity…

The nose behind this fragrance is Angelo Orazio Pregoni.

The fragrance features cherry, rum, pineapple, rose geranium, cumin, ylang-ylang, tonka bean, castoreum, vanilla and sandalwood.

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