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The man behind SAUF is Filippo Sorcinelli, personal tailor to the pope, passionate organist, and, of course, the founder of the prestigious niche perfume brand, UNUM, under which name was released three of the most daring perfumes of 2015. SAUF is Sorcinelli’s personal exploration of the meeting point between the soaring organ music played in grand cathedrals and fragrance. 
Music forms part of the fabric of life for Sorcinelli, having discovered the power of organ music when he was very young. By the age of 13, he was the organist in a cathedral in Rimini – an astonishing honor for one so young. Recently, Sorcinell released an album, "Francophilie", which explores his love for French organ music.
With SAUF, Sorcinelli hopes to expound upon the link between organ music and fragrance – both have the ability to move one’s spirit to higher planes, for instance. Each of the perfumes in the SAUD line are based on some part of organ music or the instrument itself. In order to prepare these special releases, Sorcinelli was given unprecedented access to the Grand Orgue in Notre Dame, Paris. Even the bottles are modeled on organ stops, and are most elegant creatures indeed. 

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