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Peety Eau de Parfum

PEETY PERFUMERY MAKES CONTEMPORARY ART. Olfactory is the core of a new, revolutionary artistic experience, thanks to Peety, the last idea of the Nez and contemporary artist Angelo Orazio Pregoni f...

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Olfactory is the core of a new, revolutionary artistic experience, thanks to Peety, the last idea of the Nez and contemporary artist Angelo Orazio Pregoni for O’DRIÙ, the brand he created by himself. More than a perfume, a little contemporary artwork, whereby the anti-conformist perfume creator makes an important step forward for the mission he gave himself: to revolutionize the world of perfumery and its stereotypical codes, to create new free cultural speculations.

Peety is a perfect synthesis of perfume-making skills and artistic urges of its creator, a fragrance that joins worlds very far each other, as just artistic perfumery, mass market, communication and, of course, art, realizing the first Exclusive Pop Perfume in History.

Through Peety, Pregoni proposes a brilliant solution to a question coming from the beginnings of the mass culture and of the Industrial Age: how can an artwork find again its uniqueness, its ‘magic’, if technology makes it replicable, with no limits? The answer comes to us finally, thanks to the talent and to the ability of this artist and Nez: Peety is always unique, because it can be customized with 10 drops of urine. An addition that changes the fragrance, transforming some animal notes in it to other ones fruited and metallic, and enriching the original sensations of amber and tobacco, those floral ones of rose and jasmine, the Tonka-bean, the sandal wood and the pink pepper.

Not only this, because once we added the missing ml to the 49 in the little bottle, the fragrance becomes a challenge to the social and sensorial conventions, beyond the perfumery lines and the behavioural taboos.

So Peety is more than a product, it is a vehicle of a discussion about cultural habits, visual and sensorial codes and languages, their relationship with the individual identity, with the community and the social rules.

This perfume is born to be consciously the opposite of all the things that came fist it and that now are siding it, starting with the package design, its materials, until the fragrance inside, touching conceptual art. A sort of anti-trash construction that reveals the true trash around us, powering itself by the conformism wonder, as the 900’s avant-gardes thought us; a lesson Pregoni takes again and employs for our times.

Through Peety, Pregoni himself originates a new Avant-Garde – a really innovative perfumery – embracing the challenge to make art with a mass product, exclusive at the same time, just in this historical moment in which the brand and the products – not the artwork – are dominant cultural marks.

Peety is pure Dada: expression of a conscious anti-language, a challenging and subversive one, that gives back to the senses their original primacy, breaking the cultural, the social and the media frames built around them across the centuries to condition and control the experiences.

Peety breaks with the self-referential perfumery industry, with its communication and marketing frames that make the fragrance and all the advertisings a risible version of themselves. It breaks as Chanel n.5 did, because like this famous fragrance – the first synthetic one – Peety is born opposing the productive and marketing processes of its time. But Peety breaks also the breaks: that’s why, again as Chanel n.5 did, when the innovation becomes rule, we have to go beyond that new limit, to free the creative energy. Until it will destroy itself, in the day it could be the new stereotype for the perfumery, to follow its iconoclastic and anti-establishment vocation coherently.

All these things are in a little bottle of fragrance, born to offer more than an olfactory sensation, but to stimulate enlightening thoughts about our times, about ourselves and our way of life. Angelo Orazio Pregoni is the only that can do this!

O'Driu suggests that you personalize your fragrance with your own animalic touch. The 50 ml bottle has been intentionally filled to 49 ml, leaving space for 10 drops of your own “juice” to create a rounder, richer scent. It is an option for those adventuresome souls who enjoy a more avant-garde approach, but it's not necessary. Peety is gorgeous even when left plain as a more traditional perfume.

Floral Woody Musk
Tobacco, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, tonka bean and pink pepper.


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