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Montmartre 1894 Eau de Parfum 100 ML

Topnoten: wierook en mirre Hartnoten: iris en patchouli Basisnoten: muskus, leer en amber

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Morph Montmartre 1894

Something very special.

Intense parfum

A sublime amber – soaked by leather and musk – makes Montmartre a harmonious composition of notes: something very special.

It was seven o’clock in the countryside of Montmartre. Yvette was looking around. The room was so dirty and bare, she was on the fifth floor of Lelouche’s boarding house, the room was lighted up only by its white beauty.
The show would have started in few hours. She dressed up quickly, took her periwinkle blue mantle and she went out in the night air. The last pitchmen were offering their merchandise to the pedestrians, inviting them to their stands through smiles and discreet gestures.
You would have found everything on the stands of Montmatre at the beginning of the spring in 1894.
“Come on, Madame, I’ve something really special for you….don’t you know I have waited for you? I’ve waited for a long time”
“I’m sorry” – said Yvette- “I must do a show at the Moulin Rouge tonight, I’m a ballerina, I’m late and I’ve no money at the moment” “It doesn’t matter; Madame, it is just a present that I give to you. An homage to your bright beauty”.
So she gave her an ampoule made up by colorful crystal. “Goodbye, my darling, goodbye, and be happy!”. Yvette smiled at the old woman and, as a child during the night of Christmas, she went away excited for that unexpected gift. The theatre, that night, seemed very overwrought.
Micol was looking for a shimmering feather boa, Loréne was searching for a rouge for her face and Adéline was asking for a pearl necklace. Yvette opened her sky blue bag and took the ampoule with growing excitement. What a wonderful scent, It seemed like amber, but it was something different. It was more intense and enchanting than the amber. A fascinating, mysterious and precious aroma.
After a few seconds Yvette felt everyone’s glances directed at her. The dancing-girls with their succinct and colorful dresses started to hover around her as butterflies around the lights in the night. “What’s this amazing fragrance, Yvette?” “ Let me try it!” “Who has given it to you?” “Where have you found it?” “It is delicious, I want to smell it closer, I want to smell it again, please Yvette”
Guillaume, the bouncer, entered in the dressing room with his odor of tobacco and his quite rude gestures. The show is about to start. “what is this perfume, darling? Give it to me!”. As after a spell, a big smile appeared on his plump and bewhiskered face.
Yvette was smiling too. She was happy as the old woman had said. “Does anyone go insane?” - shouted the director of the scene entering in the dressing room- “the orchestra has already started to play...Let’s go!”. He took a breath, and as a miracle the director started to smile too. Can can music was filling the air.
Morph has found the magic ampoule of Yvette, hidden for decades by her smiling descendants. Morph has reproduced its unforgettable aroma of amber, natural elements and a touch of happiness.
Aromatic Amber
Top Note: Frankincense, Myrrh
Heart Note: Iris, Patchouly
Base Note: Musk, Leather, Ambergris


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