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Adjatay Eau de Parfum 100 ml

The Different Company - Adjatay Cuir Narcotique 100 ml A devilish sensuality, a forbidden (un)sweet you devour out of greed that glows in the shadows of a powerful Djinn, Adjatay, the prince of per...

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The Different Company - Adjatay Cuir Narcotique 100 ml 

A devilish sensuality, a forbidden (un)sweet you devour out of greed that glows in the shadows of a powerful Djinn, Adjatay, the prince of perfumed chills. I brought this tuberose flower back from Grasse and forgot her in an unpretentious black leather bag. She refused to give in and for days her stubborn warmth strived to bring the leathery silky animal notes of my worn out bag back to life. Alexandra grabbed the idea and turned the white beast into a wild yet elegant, tender yet loud perfume, hypnotic, untamable. A dangerous ritual engulfed by narcotic waves.

"It was summertime near Grasse in the South of France, a hidden heaven for perfumers, just a few meters above the main roads, in a small garden next to a family house. A fresh and strong white Tuberose was waiting for me.
I only took one single flower to bring back to Paris and dropped it in my bag. It stayed there for days, in the comfort of a soft black leather bag. I completely forgot that I've left it here. So when I opened the bag a few days later, this incredible scent of leather and tuberose jumped at me, overwhelming, demanding and so sensual. I could not help but decide on the spot to capture this moment in a fragrance."

Luc Gabriel, art director
"For Adjatay, cuir narcotique I wanted to work on a full, dark and textured leather, a leather that squeaks in your hands, a leather with an immense sillage.

To obtain these particular effects, I associated dark and spicy notes with Styrax essence, Castoreum essence and Papyrus essential oil.

On this leather structure, I dropped off a subversive Tuberose from which narcotic notes get away to engulf the atmosphere. The osmosis between Leather and Tuberose is perfect, neither one gets the upper hand, they are vibrating and matching each other creating a vigorous addiction."
Alexandra Monet, perfume composer

Narcotic, sensual, elegant.
Head notes: Ylang-ylang, powdery, floral, fruity with a leathery twist
Mandarin, a fresh headnote for starters
Heart Notes: Tuberose, the star of our fragrance, creamy, soft, warm and so sensual Jasmine, opulent and animal Heliotrope, gives a balsamic and soft surronding note
Bottom Notes: Leather, a unique and secret accord by Alexandra Tonka Bean, powdery almond and a touch of tobacco Musk, complex and woody, enhances the other notes Sandalwood, smoky, gives backbone to the fragrance Styrax, animal and leathery

"Adjatay was my favorite new perfume at Esxence 2016. The intensity of the tuberose paired with the depth of the leather appealed to me. Adjatay is a simple story told well, in perfumed prose, of packing up your tuberose in a leather suitcase." Mark Behnke, COLOGNOISSEUR, April 2016

Perfumer : Jean-Claude Ellena

Tinbergenlaan 5
3401 MT IJsselstein
The Netherlands
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