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Acqua e Zucchero scented Body Cream 250 ml
Acqua e Zucchero scented Body Cream 250 ml

Floral Fruity Red Fruits, Orange Blossom, Vanilla

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Profumum Roma - Acqua e Zucchero scented Body Cream 250 ml

From the house of Profumum Roma comes an exquisite collection of luxury body creams in some of their most beloved and venerable scents. Rich, nourishing and creamy, this lotion contains some of the most powerful and healthful moisturizing ingredients available. Shea butter soothes the skin and is an excellent natural ingredient with ant-wrinkle and and anti-aging properties for the face and body. It also contains Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. Hyaluronic acid restores connective tissues and boosts hydration into the skin. 

The Acqua e Zucchero cream preserves the fragrance's delightfully sweet orange blossom, dipped in vanilla and sugar and laced with delicately tart berries.

Sensed her smoothness through touch.
The dark of the room hid the shapes,
her fragrance liquefied me and
I felt drenched in honey.
Enveloped by tender relaxation.

It is a fragrance created in the name of olfactory and taste pleasure. Feel a fragrance that slips from the nostrils to the mouth.

Floral Fruity
Red Fruits, Orange Blossom, Vanilla

Het verhaal en het gevoel

Met een glimlach rond je mond ontwaak je uit een tedere droom, je proeft bijna letterlijk nog het zoet op je lippen.

Achter je gesloten oogleden vormt zich het beeld van de perfecte meringue. Een witte wolk van vanille en oranjebloesem

én een swirl van honing. Een fantasie in wit en goud, met hier en daar wat purperen parels wilde bessen.


Hoe vluchtig en broos die droom dan ook mag zijn, dit parfum daarentegen is geen vluchtige schoonheid.

Het is als de herinnering aan die eerste grote liefde, deze geur blijft nog heel lang bij.


Acqua e Zucchero laat zich vertalen als suikerwater en dit is absoluut een geur die je het water in de mond doet lopen. Mouthwatering, sweet and very berry. Prachtig, zelfs chique wanneer gedragen door een vrouw.

Gedragen door een man?, echt sexy en om op te eten …

Tekst: Maria van Geuren.
© ParfuMaria

PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances

Don’t call them simply scents: PRO FVMVM ROMA is an of olfactory concept. The fragrances of PRO FVMVM ROMAare fragrances, reminding us a precise moment of the past - personally or imaginary lived – and brought to a new life .

The smell are an inner part of ourselves, that we convey to the others. An unfailing communicative device, underlining our real attitude or creating a sort of alter-ego. According to our personality we identify ourselves with the fragrance we wear, and we spread a precise personal identity: cheerful, serious, determined, hilarious, rebel. The fragrance becomes a part of ourselves, something belonging us truly and deeply. PRO FVMVM ROMA embraces these beliefs, by designing upscale olfactory concepts fitting like a second skin, like an enchanting dress sliding on our body.

PRO FVMVM ROMA smells have an high concentration, about 43%: they will leave an incredibly persistent smell on the skin, developing in the first 30 minutes after the application. PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances have a complex structure, revealing its dominating and fading essences time after time, in contact with the skin. They are extremely communicative: every morning or every night, we choose our favorite one according to our feeling and mood, aim and sensation, that awards us austerity or freedom, sensuality or wildness, anything we would be. Like a dress.



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